Our Beijing IP Agency

Our IP Agency

ELLALAN (Beijing) IP Limited is our own intellectual property agency set up in Beijing in 2016. It was formerly known as Alan & Associates (Beijing) Intellectual Property Agency Limited and was renamed to the current name with effect from June 2020. The Beijing agency serves as our IP filing arm in the Mainland China, and the local point of contact for Chinese clients regarding overseas IP work.

Our IP Agency, alike our Hong Kong law firm, is a vibrant team consisting of IP professionals with international vision and strong local expertise and connection.  Our agency colleagues have extensive experience in handling all kinds of IP prosecution work as well as IP enforcement actions such as administrative raids, criminal raids and customs recordals and seizures, and working with our Hong Kong team seamlessly to help clients navigate the difficult water in the Greater China Region.

To us, IP filings and enforcement works are never merely routine procedures. We foresee risks, estimate impacts and formulate the best strategies for clients with a goal to maximize benefits and minimize costs based on their IP and other commercial needs.

We are committed to delivering top-notch quality services as well as creative, tailored and cost-efficient IP solutions to you in Hong Kong, the Mainland China and the rest of the world.

Alan Chiu

Founder/CEO of ELLALAN (Beijing) IP Limited

Rong Wang

Co-Founder/Managing Director of ELLALAN (Beijing) IP Limited